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Writer Resources is a new section at phati’tude, which provides resources on blogs, literary organizations, markets, agents, writers groups, conferences and forums.

An ongoing project, we are in the process of consolidating and developing our database to provide writers with the latest resources in the literary community. Check back frequently for updates.

Organizations & Associations

Book & Literature Blogs

Poetry Spaces

Organizations & Associations
Joining a good literary organization can help you network with veteran published writers, keep on top of the latest literary trends, inform you of fresh publishing avenues, and give you discounts on conferences and seminars. Plus, participating in an established regional literary organization is a fabulous way to find support for your literary dreams and endeavors. Since literary organizations run the gamut, we have provided a list of both national and regional organizations. Whatever sounds like it’s worth a membership fee is probably a good bet because membership has its privileges.

Book & Literature Blogs
Literary bloggers are the fairy godparents of the literary world. In the past few years, they have created a vibrant community of authors and readers. In the past, outside public readings, readers and authors rarely connected. Today, readers and authors often visit book blogs and dynamic conversations ensue. Bloggers also interview authors or invite authors to write guest posts, giving authors a way to share their thoughts with readers and readers the opportunity to learn more about – and connect with – authors.

Perhaps their most invaluable attribute is that they invest their inestimable talent, tremendous energy, and their invaluable time into discovering, reviewing and promoting new books – and in keeping dreams alive. While traditional outlets have resisted reviewing indie books, probably at least in part because there is little to no money to be made, literary bloggers have picked up the slack. They take the guesswork out of book buying by providing professional reviews that feel personal, lowering the risk for readers.

When bloggers discover a new book or author they love, they share the news. Besides posting on them on their websites, they share the news across their social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc. By harnessing the power of social networks and media, spreading news virally, bloggers are putting books on those lists.

Blogs are personal, and they’re typically moderated – the new literary salons, book blogs offer a safe, vibrant, comfortable place for authors and readers to chat. This is truly what reading, writing and literature is all about.

Poetry Spaces

Since poetry is phati’tude’s passion, it made sense to prepare a list of resources specifically geared towards poetry. This listing is comprised of nonprofit organizations, associations, poetry centers and online resources geared towards poetry.

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