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Antosh Wojcik Named Winner of Roundhouse’s Poetry Slam

UK poet Antosh Wojci recently won the 2013 Roundhouse Poetry Slam sponsored by Roundhouse, a cultural venue and organization in the UK. Over two weeks a host of London’s finest young performance poets go head to head in front of a live audience and a panel comprising six of the best writers on the UK poetry scene. The toughest competitors from the two heats go through to an epic final match, when the competition is decided.

Simon Armitage: ‘poetry is a form of dissent’ video interview

Poet and novelist Simon Armitage has been writing about Britain for decades now. In the latest in our National Conversations series of interviews, Armitage talks to John Harris about the obstinate nature of poetry and the culture of violence in Britain that he believes precipitated the UK riots.

Dear John Makinson and Penguin, please don’t “reinvent” books

Dear John Makinson and Penguin, please don’t “reinvent” books

We’ve got enough mindless entertainment in the world today. When I read War and Peace, I don’t want to hear an actor reciting Bezukhov’s lines. I want to read them for myself and add my own thoughts . . .

phatLit Presents!

phatLit Presents!

phatLit Presents! are video excerpts of phati’tude Literary TV Show (formerly “phatLiterature”), featuring poets and writers, Tony Medina, Sydnee Stewart, Abiodun Oyewole, Kristin Prevallet, Louis Reyes Rivera, David Henderson and others. Check it out!

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