Vol. 3, No. 2, Summer 2011

$18.00 || 178 pp. || ISBN No.: 146378693X

A defining chapter in America’s past, the 1960s shaped a generation and sculpted a political and social landscape that can still be seen today. In this, poets and scholars reflect on this lasting cultural legacy through literature. Featuring poets Jeffrey Alfier, Victor Enns, Debbie Okun Hill, Ja A. Jahannes, Lisa Morriss-Andrews and Changming Yuan. Interviews of Janice Mikrikitani, Victor Hernández Cruz, Aimee Suzara, Elizabeh Bradfield, Brian Roley, Jericho Brown, Melinda Palacio and Shane McCrae. Essays by John Tytell, Edward P. Morgan, Chude Pam Pader Allen, Jed Skinner, David S. Wills, Kalamu Ya Salaam, Jim McGarrah, Mimi Ferebee, and Blake Slonecker. Cover Art: Travis Smithlin.

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