VISUAL SIGNATURES is a mini-documentary that promotes the works of professional visual artists from diverse backgrounds. They tell their stories, discuss what they do, why they do it, and in most cases, show how they create their works. Initially created as a 90-second Public Service Announcement (PSA) for phati’tude Literary TV Show (formerly phatLiterature), VISUAL SIGNATURES to showcase the visual artists who participated in the tv show.  It was expanded as a “:stand-alone” segment and was broadcast ob 50 public access and college stations, nationwide.  Our goal is to cultivate the public’s awareness, understanding and appreciation of visual artists.

Artists featured in VISUAL SIGNATURES: Charles Lilly, Roberta Berman, Otto Neals, Abdul Badi, Anders Knutsson, Nikita Hunter, Louie Gasparro, Michael Singletary, Lorraine Miller, Takeshi Yamada

Check out the VISUAL SIGNATURES videos here.

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