Louie Gasparro

LOUIE GASPARRO IS AN ARTIST WHO’S INFLUENCES range from cartoons to album cover art to NYC graffiti. His creations show movement, excitement and energy. He is making his mark on the art scene and sold 10 paintings at his first one man show at “Concrete Vibes” in Mineola, Long Island.

He has been painting and drawing from as early as three years old, and is self taught. “Besides reading a few books I never really had any formal training. What started my interest in art was cartoons on TV, comic books, going to museums on school trips, and album cover art.”

Gasparro considers himself a “NYC Graffiti artist” because his works are heavily influenced by the graffiti artists of the mid-seventies (although he does not condone the vandalism aspect of graffiti). It is a style that has become predominant throughout his works.

Also a musician, Gasparro plays drums and guitar in an original Rock band called SUPERVILLAIN in which he contributes music written on guitar. Merging his talents in both art and music, Gasparro has created artwork for music groups such as MURPHY’S LAW, LORDZ OF BROOKLYN, BLITZSPEER, Brazilain Rock Star “Supla” and of course his own SUPERVILLIAN. He derives great pleasure in creating art and music because they provide an emotional release and a positive outlet. As far as upcoming shows, Louie is currently compiling a body of work of abstracts for future exhibitions. Gasparro can be reached at krstorm@optonline.net.

artistic statement
I create from my heart and soul, and do so to keep my heart pumping and my soul flowing.

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