Lorraine Miller

LORRAINE MILLER WAS BORN IN BROOKLYN. After her parents divorced Lorraine and her mom moved to Long Island. The split of her parents led Miller to use the arts as an emotional outlet and means of expression. Surrounded by artistic people on both sides of her family, her creativity was encouraged. She frequently wrote short stories and poetry throughout school. In high school she explored music, acting and art, specifically fashion illustration. Known for her unique fashion style, Miller was awarded for her alternative mode of dressing in her high school yearbook. A love that would later come full-circle.

During the early 1980s, Miller dabbled in modeling. One day she answered an ad in the Village Voice to pose for a photographer’s portfolio. That photographer was Gabrielle David. Immediately after they met, they forged not only a friendship but a partnership that created “hotshots unlimited photography,” which specialized in portraiture, fashion and press photography. This opportunity opened Miller’s eyes to a craft she initially thought of as merely a utility to create memories. In addition to creating imagery with passion and life with a different perspective through the camera’s lens, she also developed black & white and color prints as well. By 1986, the partners produced an exhibit at the Langston Hughes Community Library & Cultural Center in Queens, New York, entitled “100 Photographs,” which was a raving success.

Getting involved with photography prompted Miller to investigate other forms of fine art, particularly drawing and painting. In 1987, Miller set out to Europe to learn more about her Italian and German background. During her three months of travel, she visited museums and galleries throughout Europe. Miller experienced, first hand, the beauty and mystery of the masterpieces she had learned about and admired in school. Inspired by the art and people she had seen during her travels, Miller began to sketch faces. This seemed to be a natural progression given her interest in human behavior and portraiture photography.

After working in publishing and advertising for several years, Miller decided to change her career focus to psychology. In 1995, while working on her Bachelors degree in psychology and art at SUNY Empire State College in Old Westbury, Miller began working with acrylics, creating abstract images. Inspired by such artists as Cezanne, Matisse, Picasso, Modigliani, Kahlo, Hodgkin, and De Koonig, her paintings evoked her fascination with the human psyche. She found herself particularly attracted to abstract representational art.

In October 1996, Miller held her first exhibit, a 13-piece show entitled “Broken” that ran for 2 months at the MIB gallery in Garden City, and sold her first piece, entitled “Waiting”. In 1998 Miller graduated from Hofstra University with a Masters in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and began her career in Executive Leadership Development and worked at several Fortune 500 companies in New York City. For the next six years, Miller focused most of her time on her career in Organizational Psychology, building her expertise in Performance Consulting and Leadership Development, but she continued to study art in her spare time. After traveling back to Europe and becoming “reinspired” Miller began studying at the Art League of Long Island in Huntington, NY and changed her medium to oils. She also began experimenting with still life with instructor Mary Nagin. In 2001 she went to Tuscany, Italy and painted in the hidden sanctuary of Peralta, home of the Italian sculptor Fiore de Henriquez.

In 2003, Miller made the decision to leave her corporate position to raise her daughter and allow herself more time for writing and art. She has served as Curator and Art Director for phatLiterature, reteaming with her photography partner, Gabrielle David. In 2004, she completed her first triptic series of abstract paintings entitled “Hunt” “Struggle” and “Capture.”

Miller is currently the owner and editor of StyleEnvy.com, a fashion and beauty website that combines fashion news and product reviews with up to the minute sales and trend spotting. StyleEnvy.com currently attracts about 70,000 visitors monthly.

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