2002 || Episodes

2002 || EP. NO. 1: We Real Cool: Tribute to Gwendolyn Brooks
featuring Shirley Bradley LeFlore, Andrew P. Jackson, David Henderson; with visual artist Jorge Ambrosoni.

This segment, led by Shirley Bradley LeFlore, focuses on the legendary Gwendolyn Brooks, her works, her love for the black community, her writing process and how she profoundly influenced and shaped African American literature. This clip features Andrew P. Jackson, Shirley Bradley LeFlore, David Henderson. (Run Time: 10:50)

2002 || EP. NO. 2: Voices From the East
featuring Ronny Someck, Barbara Goldberg, D.H. Melhem with visual artist Jorge Ambrosoni.

Ronny Someck, an Iraqi-born poet living in Israel and his translator, fellow-poet and editor, Barbara Goldberg, reveal literary trends in Israel and discuss Someck’s poetry collection, THE FIRE STAYS IN RED, translated from the Hebrew by Moshe Dor and Barbara Goldberg. Arab American professor and poet D.H. Melhem reacquaints viewers with Arab American literature, as well as sharing her personal literary works. This clip features Ronny Someck, Barbara Goldberg and D.H. Melhem. (Run Time: 5:01)

2002 || EP. NO. 3: Poet-to-Poet: The Image & the Spoken Word
featuring José Angel Figueroa, Louis Reyes Rivera, Stephanie Agosto, Pedro Pietri; with visual artist Jorge Ambrosoni.

Co-produced by José Angel Figueroa, this episode discusses Puerto Rican literature and the pros and cons of performance poetry with historian and literary expert Louis Reyes Rivera. The episode concludes with performance/readings by poet-activists Stephanie Agosto and Pedro Pietri. Students from Boricua College, Manhattan Campus, attend for class credit. This clip features José Angel Figueroa, Louis Reyes Rivera, Stephanie Agosto and Pedro Pietri. (Run Time: 8:30)

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