phati’tude LLAC

phati’tude Language & Literary Arts Curriculum (phatLLAC) is an initiative we plan to launch in 2013.

phatLLAC examines American literature by exploring its political, cultural and social traits, and how they affect the literary genres, writers and works of our time. Available for middle school, high school and college levels, phatLLAC’s unit fits seamlessly into the English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum as an enriched study on poetry, memoir, fiction writing and author study. The unit can also be embedded into a visual arts or social studies curriculum that makes connections between art and American history.

Utilizing phati’tude programming, phatLLAC’s goal is to enlarge students’ comprehension of literature and to promote awareness of the breadth and variety of American writing. phatLLAC emphasizes the uniqueness of literary language, the formal and generic conventions of writing, the position that literature occupies as a site for historical and ideological contributions, and the continuing human significance of the great works of the past and present that helps us in our understanding of the human spirit.

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