Poem for My Father

(Abraham Meléndez)
by Jesús Papoleto Meléndez

Today, i've seen green:
                              The Color, Green
                 Green, green
                        a light green
                           almost green, but still green

Such greens, such greens
                       as i've never seen
                              or dreamed
                          yet it seems
                             i know these

     Dark greens, & still darker greens
          & greens with light
                           shining from their tops
            & greens you could not describe
                                        no matter how you tried
       Greens with water flowing through them,
                                                     Greens almost on fire
         Greens the color of earth,
            Greens the color of the sea
          Greens in a shadow of green
               & greens where the bugs that lay upon them
                                                    are lost
                                                       in their greenery

Green, green;
                 Green with life,
       Green of death --
                              Such green,
                                  as my father will never see,
                                     from this green reality....
:Today, i grieve
       in the mystery of green.


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