M  A   S  T  H  E  A  D

Gabrielle David

Jennifer-Crystal Johnson
Managing Editor

Rebecca Kaye
Associate Editor

Karen Chau
Kevin Tobar Pesántez

Lorraine Miller Nuzzo
Art Director

Travis Smithlin
Ryan Seslow
Graphic Artists

Timothy Liu (Vol. 3, No. 2; LGBT Issue)
Nancy Mercado (Vol. 3, No. 4; Latino Issue)
Guest Editors

Louis Reyes Rivera (Vol. 3, No. 4; African American Issue)
Editorial Adviser

Kevin Tobar Pesántez (2012)
Karen Chau (2011)
Travis Smithlin (2011)
Amanda Ostrove (Summer 2011)
Eric Barbera (Summer 2011)
Kari McBride (2011)
David Manoff (2011)

Adam Wier (Winter 2012)
Senior Translator
Amanda A. Cunniff (Winter 2012)
Jane Losaw (Winter 2012)
Joanna Morales (Winter 2012)
Amy Savage (Winter 2012)

Previous Editors
Jennifer Bacon
Lora René Tucker
Jon Sands
Tony Medina
Regie Cabico
India DuBois
M. Malcolm King
Angela Sternreich

(current staff)

Gabrielle David, Editor-in-Chief of phati’tude Literary Magazine, is a multimedia artist that has worked as a desktop publisher, photographer, artist, video editor and musician. David has published several essays on multicultural literature and published the poetry collections: this is me, a collection of poems & things (CCI Books, 1994); and spring has returned & i am renewed (CCI Books, 1995). Her work has published in Paterson Literary Review, Journal of New Jersey Poets, AIM Magazine, and phati’tude Literary Magazine. She is the Executive Director of the Intercultural Alliance of Artists & Scholars, Inc. (IAAS), a NY-based nonprofit organization that promotes multicultural literature and literacy, which publishes phati’tude Literary Magazine.

Jennifer Crystal Johnson, Managing Editor of phati’tude Literary Magazine, Associate Editor of phati’tude Literary Magazine, is originally from Germany, but was raised all over. She has published one novella, The Outside Girl: Perception is Reality (Publish America, 2005) and the poetry collection, Napkin Poetry (Broken Publications, 2010). Her poetry has appeared in various anthologies including The Lightness of Being (Int’l Library of Poetry, 2000), Theatre of the Mind (Noble House, 2003), Invoking the Muse (Noble House, 2004), and Our 100 Most Famous Poets (Famous Poets Pr., 2004). She is a freelance writer and editor, and is based in the Pacific Northwest.

Rebecca Kaye, Associate Editor of phati’tude Literary Magazine, is in her second year of the Masters in Creative Writing program at Oxford University. As an undergraduate, she attended Durham University where she mastered in English Literature and French. She is the former editor of Etcetera Magazine, literary supplement to The Cherwell, an Oxfordbased student newspaper. She is currently a house contributor to the online journal, The Fabelist.

Lorraine Miller Nuzzo has been Curator, Art Director of phati’tude Literary Magazine and “phati’tude-related” projects since 1997. While pursuing her professional career, Nuzzo studied painting with Mary Nagin and Carole Jay in New York; and with Tim Holden in Italy. She has held exhibitions at MIB and BJ Spoke Gallery; and is also a former partner of “hotshots unlimited photography,” which held an exhibit at the Langston Hughes Library. She holds a Master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Hofstra University and a Bachelors degree in Psychology with a minor in Art from SUNY, Empire State.

Karen Chau is an Editor at phati’tude Literary Magazine. She is originally from Allentown, Pennsylvania, and recently graduated from Brandeis University. She has previously been published in Racialicious.

Kevin Tobar Pesántez, an Editor of phati’tude Literary Magazine, is a Queens-born (NYC), Ecuadorian writer, spoken word poet, and facilitator. He is attending Long Island University/Global College majoring in Global Studies, and is currently conducting spoken word poetry workshops in Quito, Ecuador for the LGBTQ community as a basis to write his thesis. He is the founder, editor, and contributor to the University’s Literary Magazine, Create!

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