PLM as a Teaching Tool

phati’tude Literary Magazine is committed to publishing the voices of emerging and established multicultural poets, writers, artists and scholars in worldwide, which despite their intellectual and literary merit, are too often deemed unprofitable or politically unsuitable by larger commercial publishers. Thar’s why phati’tude Literary Magazine is a compelling publication that emphasizes the critical role of quality multicultural literature and reader response in today’s schools and libraries.

Multicultural literature is one of the most powerful components of a multicultural education curriculum and its underlying purpose is to help make our society a more equitable one. When multicultural literature is integrated into the curriculum, it enriches the context for learning in important ways, validating the cultures of individual students and developing understanding and respect across the student population. Consider that minority students make up almost half of public school enrollment, and it becomes clear why multicultural literature is such an effective teaching tool.

Developing understanding of our literary heritage whether it is European, African, Native American, Latino or Asian  is an important tasks for educators. Experts in multicultural education frequently emphasize the importance of using literature to increase cultural awareness. Of equal value are the personal gains acquired by students when they read and recognize works from their own cultural backgrounds and those of other cultures.  phati’tude Literary Magazine makes this task easier with themed issues (e.g., Native American, Multiculturalism, LGBT, Ekphrasis and African American) that offers educators an invaluable resource that will help them create dynamic curriculum that is meaningful to their students.

phati’tude Literary Magazine presents a multitude of perspectives about the different lives, culture, and contributions from all facets of  American society and other world cultures, not based in the western world — a perfect vehicle that introduces students to an ethnically diverse, contemporary literature.  Our aim as an independently-owned publication is to disseminate the work of traditionally underrepresented voices, present a unique perspectives of writers and scholars, and address the otherwise marginalized issues and concerns in literature and literacy in a way that expands dialogue and understanding. phati’tude Literary Magazine achieves this in a manner that is accessible to all.

To preview issues, go here or to order a copy for review, visit us at Ask your bookstore to check out our distribution channels here, or contact teachingtool [at] for bulk rates.

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