poets with phati’tude

How phati’tude’s “poetic principle” becomes “poets with phati’tude”
We ask poets to provide a poetic principle and philosophy, with the idea of getting some insight in selecting phati’tude writers. We also pick the best ones and publish them in the issue the poet/writer is appearing in under the section “poets with phati’tude.” The poetic principle is not required, but it is an added plus.  We run them in most issues of phati’tude.  See examples of poetic principles and previous layouts below:

“Inspiration, for me, comes directly from the life I live. I strive to live boldly and stay open, in part, to inform my writing. It is as if poems are offered to me and it is my challenge not to get in their way. Invention, imagination, plays a large role in their growth. I vow never to let the facts obscure the truth.” — Michael Montesano

“I believe the writing of poets should reflect the times in which they exist, and that a poet’s opinions, views, and messages comprise the instrument of a poet’s voice and vision. My responsibility as a contemporary poet is to understand the important world issues and express my views about them. By furthering our understanding of the human spirit and the real world, poetry helps to promote beneficial changes. We need to assume responsibility for our actions and the dreams for a better life. The educational process should guide us to remember people less fortunate if the planet is going to become a better place for all. Those are the essential, implied messages in my poetry.” — Bruce Lader

For me, poetry is imbued with the sacredness of the universe. It transforms mundane objects into eternal living things, plainly states truths, exposes the unjust. This is why I am a poet. — Nancy Mercado

My poetic philosophy, once being a philosophy professor, unfortunately, covers the gamut of many isms. I would say, when it comes to writing my poems, I am a chain of unconsciousness poet (?), or an idealistic- Zen-sometimes-pragmatic-protester poet. However, at times, I am an existentialist with a touch of dark unrealistic fantasy allowing poems just to explode . . . — James G. Piatt

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