phati’tude Literary Magazine Makes it to #1 on NY Times Best Seller List!


OK, it actually hasn’t happened yet . . . but it could. With the support of bookstores like yours we can put poetry and other short forms in the hands of readers from coast to coast. And what greater way to maximize shrinking purses than through a publication that gives readers a variety of authors with different voices and perspectives. With phati’tude Literary Magazine you can provide your customers a comprehensive compilation of writings from authors around the world on thought-provoking themes within the covers of one publication.

So now you’re probably asking “what exactly is phati’tude Literary Magazine?”
phati’tude Literary Magazine is a an award winning compilation of poetry, essays and short stories by contemporary, multicultural artists published quarterly. Meaning an emphatic attitude towards literature, it’s the cutting edge literary journal of the new millennium that also keeps a great tradition alive by promoting emerging and established writers in your communities.

What makes it unique?
phati’tude Literary Magazine offers a variety of authors in one book-length publication and provides a link to multicultural authors often overlooked in exclusive literary circles. While it reads like a journal it looks like a soft-cover book. Our full-color cover artwork, which relates to each issues theme, and photography, paintings and drawings that illustrate the essays and articles, make it attractive inside and out. And unlike many publications PLM is accessible as well as inclusive – it is not an esoteric publication intended for the elite and professorial. It features emerging and established writers who are experimental and innovative, but also respectful of our readers.

Why will your customers want phati’tude Literary Magazine?
PLM provides the public not just with contemporary literature but also a window to the future; a historical look at any of the writers in the canon will show their work was always initially published in small presses and literary magazines. That’s still true today. (Kinda like the E! Entertainment for literary celebrities.) We also provide information about the authors to encourage readers to find out more about them. It is definitely a publication your customers will enjoy reading and can lead to more sales for you!

So now you should be asking “ok, where do I get it?”
phati’tude Literary Magazine is available through these distributors:

Createspace Direct

Ingram Book Company
orders [at]

Baker & Taylor
btinfo [at]

Check out our previews of current and previous issues. Do your part . . . catch phati’tude and keep the word alive!

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