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phati’tude Literary Magazine is a quarterly publication created to break tradition by giving voice to a wide range of diverse, multicultural writers and artists. As both a consumer magazine and a literary journal it attracts an equally diverse readership dedicated to keeping informed about the most current happenings in the literary community.

Why advertise in phati’tude Literary Magazine?

  • PLM, as well as the phati’tude website, is aimed specifically at the book-reading public, including writers, genre readers, students, academics and more.
    • The specific themes of each issue allow you to fine-tune your target – for example, we have had issues focusing on LGBT and African-American literature.
  • PLM is a great way to reach the audience you want:
    • educated, literary minded
      buyers of printed books
    • buyers of computers and computer-related equipment, writing supplies; users of internet services.
    • supportive of arts events
  • PLM is published in a book format, generally over 200 pages, with a long shelf life. Readers go back again and again to PLM use as a reference and teaching source.

How is PLM distributed?

PLM is available through the internet via as a yearly subscription or as individual issues. In addition to avid book consumers, phati’tude Literary Magazine reaches booksellers and libraries across the country.

PLM Advertising Sizes and Pricing

Full Page (Bleed) 8-1/4 10-1/4 $600
Full Page (No Bleed) 6-1/2 8 $500
2/3 Page Vertical, 3 Columns 4-1/4 8 $400
1/2 Page Horizontal 6-1/2 4 $300
1/2 Page Vertical, 2 Columns 3-1/4 8 $300
1/3 Page Vertical, 3 Columns 3-1/8 8 $250
1/4 Page Horizontal, 2 Columns 3-1/8 4 $200
1/8 Page Horizontal, 2 Column 3-1/8 2 $150
Business Ad Square 2 2 $100

*A 20% discount applies when ads are placed in 4 consecutive issues

Other phati’tude advertising opportunities

PLM E-Newsletter and Email Blasts
Reaches over 6,000 readers, writers and members of literary-focused organizations.
Our relaunched website is an exciting new destination for people interested in all things literary. Featuring literature-related news, book reviews, event updates, exposes on contemporary and historical writers and artist resources.

phati’tude Poetry Readings & Events
Live readings and events held throughout the year in NYC draw hundreds of literary-minded people from the NY metropolitan area and beyond.


For more information or to book ad space, please contact:

Michelle S. Aragón
Director, Marketing Communications
maragon [at]

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