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Announcing Our Winter 2012 Issue

¿ W H A T ‘ S I N A N O M B R E ?

Writing Latin@ Identity in America
Guest Editor: Nancy Mercado

DEADLINE: January 6, 2012

Mexican. Chicano. Puerto Rican. Nuyorican. Dominican. Cubano. Colombian, Guatemalan, Nicaraguan. Although Spanish speaking people around the world are often grouped under the singular terms “Latino” or “Hispanic,” there exists great diversity among these cultures with regard to race, class, country of origin, accent, and cultural distinctiveness. They may be immigrants or born in the United States; may be fair-skinned or dark-skinned, or have cultural roots in the European, Native American, African or Asian communities. They may speak Spanish, English, be bilingual, speak “Spanglish” or not speak Spanish at all. In fact, the outdated Latino/Hispanic label has succeeded in performing a neat trick; it has “minoritize” individuals of Spanish speaking heritage and has engendered polarized views in the media of such communities. The media that has created both positive and negative imagery of these Americans: positive when linked to culture and politics, negative when associated with drug abuse, criminal behavior, and high rates of poverty. Lumping all of these different cultural identities into one type of “voice” and declaring that voice a “minority” begs the question, “Who and what are Latinos?”

phati’tude Literary Magazine’s Winter 2012 issue sets out to investigate the evolution of the terms Latino and Hispanic and whether or not there is or ever was a group to which it applies without being reductive. Aptly titled, ¿WHAT’S IN A NOMBRE? Writing Latin@ Identity in America, will feature poetry, essays, interviews, short stories, translations and artwork that address the essential question: ¿Qué hay en un nombre? What’s in a name? It’s not just about how others see Latinos or Hispanics–more importantly, it’s about how Latinos or Hispanics see themselves and each other through literature and art. So we at phati’tude Literary Magazine, in association with Guest Editor Nancy Mercado, are asking you to send us your best work!

Learn more about Nancy Mercado here.

Please read and follow our “Standard Submission Guidelines” process as set forth below and become a part of another groundbreaking phati’tude issue!

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