Ten Reasons for Authors to Blog

BLOG-AUTHORONE OF THE QUESTIONS I’M MOST ASKED IS “how do you find time to write a blog?” I can answer this quite simply – I find the time in the same way that I find time to do the grocery shopping, or read poetry, or stroke the cat.

We all find the time to do the things we consider either essential/non-negotiable or enjoyable, preferably both. But this answer doesn’t always satisfy people. That’s when it becomes clear that the real question they want to ask is “why do you blog?”

Professional persuader Simon Sinek says that in order to inspire anyone you need to “start with why”. I’m not really in the business of persuading authors they need to be blogging, because it has to be an individual’s decision, it has to feel right. You have to be convinced of why you’re doing it. And that why can be different for all of us. Here are a selection of reasons, and I’d be interested to which of them, if any, resonate with you. >>READ MORE

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Source: Robin Houghton || Anne R. Allen's Blog, with Ruth Harris|| April 2015

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