How to Use Pinterest on Your Author Website

pinterest-marketingPREVIOUSLY I TALKED ABOUT how to grow your Pinterest followers, but how do you connect your website and Pinterest for the best results?

Use a Business Account
If you are just starting out, go here to create your business account. As an author your business type is “Public Figure.” If you already have a personal Pinterest, go here to convert your account. Click the “convert now” text listed under “Already have an account?”
Verify Your Website

Pinterest has a step-by-step guide on how to verify your website. Once your website is verified you’ll see a small check appear next to your website address on your profile (see picture below). Why it matters: Once your website is verified you will have access to your web analytics. Analytics = Good. Use the data in your analytics to make smarter social media strategies.

Put a Pinterest Follow Button on Your Website
You know that social media box where you have your Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ buttons? Make sure your Pinterest button is there too. >>READ MORE

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Source: Kate Tilton || Bad Redhead Media|| April 2015

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