Thoughts on Balancing a Day Job, Family, and the Writing Life

balance-family-workDO YOU NEED TWENTY-SEVEN HOURS in your day to do everything? Sorry, I can’t give your day extra hours. What I can provide are some of the lessons I’ve learned and techniques I employ to make the best use of my time.

Maybe like a current television commercial’s characters you are stupid rich. That is where you can pay someone to handle your pitches, contract negotiations, research, reporting, editing, billing, collections, Twitter, Facebook, and personal website. Stupid rich allows you just to write. If you are stupid rich, this article isn’t for you. However, if you don’t have a housekeeper that does the cleaning, a nanny taking care of the kids, and a virtual assistant, read on.

My guess is you are more like me. You have to do it all. You would add to the above list driving the car pool, church and community goings-on, and your children and grandkids school activities. You might also be caring for aging parents as well as having a time-jealous spouse that cannot figure out why you are driven to write. They view your writing as just a hobby. >>READ MORE

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Source: Jimmie Kepler || Author Culture || April 2015

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