Why Is An Anonymous Brooklyn Street Artist Producing Anti-Hillary Clinton Posters?

HILLARY-POSTER-2AS HILLARY CLINTON PREPARED to formally launch her presidential campaign on Sunday afternoon, a Brooklyn street artist was busy pasting anti-Clinton signs throughout the borough, which happens to be where the hopeful candidate plans to set up campaign headquarters.

Reminiscent of the instantly recognizable Barack Obama “Hope” posters that Shephard Fairey created for the president’s 2008 campaign (and Fairey’s other political posters—see Shepard Fairey Creates Ai Weiwei Poster to Fund Free Speech Organization), the Clinton signs are decidedly less flattering, showing the presidential candidate’s face in harsh black-and-white tones, with a cheesy painterly effect. The image is flanked by the text “Don’t Say. . .” followed by a variety of negative adjectives often used to describe Clinton, including “Entitled,” “Ambitious,” and “Secretive.”

The signs began to appear around Brooklyn on Saturday night, and have been heavily documented on social media. >>READ MORE

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Source: Cait Munro || ArtNet News || April 2015

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