My simple Kindle Fire HDX review: What’s to like and not to like

Gabrielle David

Kindle Fire HDX

A new holiday shopping season is upon us and that means a long parade of new consumer electronics, including, what else: tablets. With personal computers (laptops and desktops) starting to fade into the background, tablets remain must-have gizmos. Wall Street might focus a lot of its energies on Apple’s iPhone, but in reality the iPad is going to define Apple’s future.

For now, Apple is in a league of its own. Google is pushing hard to catch up with its Nexus range of devices. Samsung and Sony have turned to Android to compete with Apple in this fast growing and very lucrative market. Tablets also play an important role in Amazon’s future. It is one of the reasons why the company continues to pour both money and resources into its tablet efforts. If Apple’s tablet is an iPad, and Google’s tablet is known as Nexus, Amazon’s tablet is a Kindle Fire.

In September 2011, Amazon introduced its first generation tablets in the market. Amazon released two updated and newer versions of the Kindle Fire(s) in September 2013, the Kindle Fire HDX in 7-inch and 8.9-inch sizes. These devices have faster processors, brighter and better screens and are powered by what seems to be a much improved operating system: the Fire OS 3.0, which is essentially Amazon’s forked Android operating system. >>READ MORE

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Source: Gabrielle David

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