Can Digital and Print Peacefully Coexist in the World of Comic Books?

Gabrielle David

Digital Comics

Mark Waid, one of the leading proponents of digital comic books, made a surprising announcement on his blog earlier this month: He recently bought a comic book store and invested in a second one. In addition to being an award-winning comic book writer, Waid is a co-founder of Thrillbent, a platform for digital comic books, and an advocate of comics produced for online viewing.

Yet, Waid’s move may not be as unexpected as it initially appears.

While digital distribution has roiled the newspaper, book publishing and music industries, a number of companies involved with comic books — from traditional publishers to new start-ups — have embraced digital distribution. Many see the new digital platforms as a complement, rather than a threat, to traditional print publishing. Major comic book publishers, including industry leaders Marvel and D.C. Comics along with many smaller publishing houses, make their comics available digitally through ComiXology’s online platform and mobile apps. Other companies, such as Thrillbent and Madefire, produce original comics content primarily for digital consumption. >>READ MORE

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Source: Gabrielle David

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