Antosh Wojcik Named Winner of Roundhouse’s Poetry Slam

Gabrielle David

UK poet Antosh Wojci recently won the 2013 Roundhouse Poetry Slam sponsored by Roundhouse, a cultural venue and organization in the UK. Over two weeks a host of London’s finest young performance poets go head to head in front of a live audience and a panel comprising six of the best writers on the UK poetry scene. The toughest competitors from the two heats go through to an epic final match, when the competition is decided.


Wojcik graduated from the University of Winchester in 2013. He has written for and performed in several productions, most notably ‘The Elephant in the Room.’ He has also written for WinchWrites, and is an accomplished poet.

Wojci cites his major influences from across an array of platforms: artists who have done something unique with their craft. ‘William Burroughs and Philip K. Dick – people who tackle big issues in very different ways. Burroughs does things with language that I’ve never heard anyone do before.’ The trend of original artists that Wojci admires is evident with the mention of poets such as Alan Ginsberg and Frank O’Hara. In referencing the American poets he says, ‘they all write very differently while tackling similar subjects. It’s almost like they haven’t been informed by anyone before them.’ It is this that Wojci strives to do – to make it so that his poems sound like nothing his audience has ever heard before and to make it so that listening to him is an active experience you are forced to participate in. Art is best when it is collaborative – an exchange between artist and audience that leaves you changed.

You can find out more about Antosh at Apples & Snakes. Keep up with Antosh by following him on Twitter and Facebook and read more of his amazing poetry on his Blog.

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Source: Gabrielle David

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