Dallas Museum of Art takes bold step of offering free general admission AND free memberships

Dallas Museum Art

Beginning Jan. 21, the Dallas Museum of Art will take the unprecedented step of offering an unusual one-two punch: Free general admission and free memberships, making it the first art museum in the country to do so, DMA director Maxwell Anderson announced at a press conference this morning.

“Nobody has ever done this,” Anderson said last week in an exclusive interview with The Dallas Morning News. “We’re going to build a model for museum engagement that we believe every other museum like us will want to have.”

The DMA will still charge for special exhibitions, but, Anderson said, “low-cost shows will be free. Shows that are scholarly or that aren’t presupposed to have a big draw will not be charged for. So, I think it will be the familiar, seasonal, major exhibitions that will be ticketed. And those prices will be indexed to what the market seems to indicate. It won’t be the same price for every exhibition.”

Even then, he said, those with free memberships will be allowed to accrue points or “badges” that may allow them to attend some exhibitions for free. But any time they want to drop in and visit the museum and its general collection, they may do so for free, he said, and do so repeatedly. General admission is now $10, with discounts. >>READ MORE

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