The Más Tequila Review: Poetry for the Rest of Us!

Richard Vargas, a phati’tude contributor, is the publisher and editor of The Más Tequila Review (TMTR) an independently owned small press poetry review. TMTR publishes a wide variety of contemporary poetry by well-known poets, and “poets who should be.” Published twice a year, TMTR considers poetry of any length, style, or form. Vargas writes, “I edit and publish all by my little itty bitty self. Right now, the plan is to publish two print issues a year. I want the best poetry I can find. No restrictions on content or form. No regional preference. I am actively soliciting poetry from poets all across the country.”

The latest issue, #4, features the following poets: Michelle Brooks, Leonard Cirino, Daniel Nguyen, Terence Winch, Sheila Black, Richard Vargas, Michael C Ford, Devreaux Baker, Gretchen Marquette, Stewart Warren, Dennis Gulling, Justin Rogers, Robert Penick, Nick DePascal, Gerald Locklin, Rich Boucher, Wayne Lee, Levi Romero, Merimée Moffitt, Charles Harper Webb, Charles Rammelkamp, Lauren Camp, Melinda Palacio, Bob Johnston, Bill Nevins, Gary Brower, nila northSun, Christine Heppermann, Jesse Lee Kercheval, Edward Alexander, Sharanya Manivannan, Jenith Charpentier, Lewis Mundt, Ron Koertge, Lowell Jaeger, Jim Ferris, Victor Infante, Dee Cohen, John Bennett, Carmen Calatayud, and t. kilgore splake.

Vargas grew up in Los Angeles and has lived in Albuquerque for several years. He has had two books published: American Jesus and McLife. Garrison Keillor featured him on The Writer’s Almanac not once, but twice. He graduated from UNM Creative Writing program with an MFA, and is currently on the board of the Local Poets Guild, and part-time events coordinator for Alamosa Books.

As Vargas states in his editorial note: “The poems keep coming from all over. The unfamiliar names are starting to outnumber the familiar ones, and that’s a good thing. I take it as a sign the word is getting out about Más Tequila and what it stands for. “It’s all about the poem” is the unwritten creed, and it really is as simple as that. All else is plain B.S.” TMTR is available on and only costs $7.00. Check it out today!

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