Major Shake-up at Team phati’tude!

We’ve had a major shake-up at Team phati’tude!

Jennifer Crystal Johnson and Rebecca Kaye are moving up the ladder at phati’tude Literary Magazine.  Johnson, formerly Associate Editor is now Managing Editor; and Kaye, formerly Editor is now Associate Editor.

Jen Johnson

“Both Jen and Rebecca started out as interns for the magazine.  Internships don’t usually come with position titles, but I think it’s important to provide interns with a sense of belonging.  Having served initially as editors, Jen quickly became Associate Editor and began managing issues (Spring, Issue No. 3, Vol. 1.).  As Rebecca utilized her keen editing skills, she also supervised our Summer Interns for the September 11th issue (Fall, Issue No. 3, Vol. 3),” says Gabrielle David, editor-in-chief of the magazine.  “Their hard work, dedication and input has made such an impact on the quality of the magazine, it made perfectly good sense to encourage them to go to the next level.”

Rebecca Kaye

And what’s the next level?  Johnson is creating and managing phati’tude Literary Magazine’s upcoming  Spring 2012 issue on women writers, while Kaye plans to explore myths in literature for the Summer 2012 issue.  “I am crippled with mounting responsibilities,” continues David, “and as much as I love working on the magazine, the whole idea of it was to create something that other writers could help develop and call their own.  I feel incredibly lucky that both Jen and Rebecca have come along, and as we get more interns and I’m able to pass on more administrative and production responsibilities into reliable hands, I feel confident that phati’tude Literary Magazine will continue to develop as a platform that promotes multicultural poets and writers from around the globe.”

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