“BRIDGING THE CULTURAL DIVIDE: Remembering September 11th” Available for Sale!

We’re pleased to announce the publication of BRIDGING THE CULTURAL DIVIDE. And to help us celebrate this feat, we’re offering a $5.00 discount on this issue. Just go to our Createspace page and use coupon number GZYJ6DYY.

This issue is our biggest achievement. It’s 280 pages jam-packed with 60 poets, 5 major interviews, 2 features, 4 artists, 15 essays and 4 short stories and 9 book reviews. BRIDGING THE CULTURAL DIVIDE is now available on Amazon.com for $20 and will be available on other online outlets. Check out a preview here!

In BRIDGING THE CULTURAL DIVIDE, we at phati’tude are excited to present poems that reflect both immediate aftermath and visions of tragedy in the hindsight of ten years. The issue features work by many artists from the United States, the Middle East and beyond, including: Elmaz Abinader, Neil Weisbrod, Penny Cagan, Philip Metres, Ronny Someck, Purvi Shah, Qais Arsala, J. J. Steinfeld, Leila Diab, Jean Nordhaus, Jesús Papoleto Meléndez, Saladin Ahmed, Marilyn Hacker, Samuel Hazo and Lucille Clifton.

BRIDGING THE CULTURAL DIVIDE also offers a wealth of essays and interviews including exclusive conversations with writers and scholars Ammiel Alcalay, D.H. Melhem, Hayan Charara, Karen Alkalay-Gut, and Zohra Saed. These poets enter into insightful discussions concerning the importance of preserving the role of poet as witness, historian and social activist to further an art that matters.

The essays featured in this issue include works by eminent scholars in their respective fields, including Lisa Suhair Majar, Ranen Omer-Sherman, Zohra Saed and Sahar Muradi, Bassam K. Frangieh, and Morris Dickstein. The essayists are invested in a scholarly inquiry into the nature of individual and authorial identity and engage the reader, and each other, in an intellectual debate that cultivates critical and creative thought.

BRIDGING THE CULTURAL DIVIDE also includes the sections “First Impressions,” “Lasting Impressions,” and “Artist As Witness” which examine the ways in which worldviews have altered and developed from the initial shock of the event to reactions to its long-term socio-political and cultural effects. With such a wealth of interesting viewpoints which intersect and collide, phati’tude Literary Magazine’s Fall 2011 issue “BRIDGING THE CULTURAL DIVIDE: Remembering September 11th” is a veritable tapestry of voices which ecstatically connect to and echo one another other.

The cover artwork, “Hope” is by artist Linda Puiatti, with additional artwork by Ryan Seslow and Ernest Williamson, III.

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